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Corinne & Ryan at the Red Lion Inn

Corinne & Ryan were married in April at the Red Lion Inn in Cohasset. When we arrived we here happy to find everyone super laid back, in a great mood and getting ready for an awesome day! Corinne & Ryan chose to do a First Look, and it was so sweet… Corinne started crying as soon as she saw Ryan standing there waiting for her, before he even turned around. We never get tired of seeing the reactions¬†when the bride and groom see each other for the first time! Once Corinne & Ryan had their moment together, we grabbed the bridal party and headed over to Cohasset Harbor for some photos. It had rained that morning, but it cleared up into a beautiful day, and the harbor was sparkling and dotted with lobster boats. Afterwards, we headed back to the Red Lion for a few more photos with the bride and groom, before¬†the ceremony in the barn. After the I Dos, it was time for cocktails, toasts and dancing! Corinne’s dad gave the sweetest speech, and kind of had a hard time keeping it together, so she stood with him to help him along. The maid of honor and best man on the other hand, had the whole room cracking up… Laughter and tears, what weddings are all about! Corinne & Ryan had a perfect day, and we are so happy we got to share it with them!

Thanks and congrats to Corinne & Ryan!

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