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Ellen & Zach at the Red Lion Inn

Ellen & Zach were married in mid April at the Red Lion Inn in Cohasset. The girls started the day by getting ready at Ellen’s parents’ home in Quincy, while Zach and the guys were at the Red Lion. Ellen, her bridesmaids and her mom spent some time looking through her parents’ wedding album, which was a sweet way to start the day. After getting dressed, Ellen and her sisters piled into an antique car to ride in style over to the Red Lion. The ceremony in the barn was personal and funny, with Zach’s dad giving a sweet speech about the bride and groom, who have been together since high school. After photos (making use of that great antique car!), the reception got started, with Ellen & Zach’s lively and fun first dance. Ellen’s dad gave a great welcome speech, even breaking out a paper she had written in elementary school. There was tons of dancing, highlighted by a few talented guests treating everyone to an Irish step dance. Awesome! It was a beautiful day, and Ellen & Zach are great couple. We wish them many years of happiness!

Thanks and Congrats to Ellen & Zach!

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