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Francesca & Tim at the Red Lion Inn

Francesca & Tim were married on a crisp November Saturday at St. Stephen’s church in Cohasset, followed by a reception at the Red Lion Inn, right down the street. The bride and groom both got ready at the Red Lion, and Francesca was one of those happy happy brides who was beaming from the moment we got there. They elected to do a First Look, and the moment they finally saw each other was adorable, with Francesca’s mom and bridesmaids hiding behind the trees to sneak a peek. After that, we were lucky enough to have a big block of time for photos before the ceremony began, so we headed out into town to a few different locations. We love when we get to take a bridal party into town and use the Main St. in Cohasset. Everything is so quaint and perfectly New England, there’s just so many great spots to choose from. Between the colorful leaves on the ground and the sparkly fall afternoon light, everything looked amazing. Francesca & Tim and their whole bridal party were so much fun and up for anything, and we even had a chance to make a quick trip over to the harbor for a few waterfront photos. The reception was beautiful, with the Red Lion decked out in classic white and silver, simple and stunning. We loved spending the day with Francesca & Tim, they’re wonderful people, and the fact that they’re so photogenic doesn’t hurt either 🙂

Thanks and Congrats to Francesca & Tim!

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