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Heather & Tom at the Hingham Yacht Club

Heather & Tom were married at the end of October in her hometown of Hingham. We started the day with them as they got ready, with Heather and the girls at her parent’s house and Tom and the guys over at a house they had rented near the beach in Hull. Once everyone was all dressed up and ready to go, we headed over to Resurrection Parish in Hingham for the afternoon ceremony, before the reception at the Hingham Yacht Club. Heather’s parents are members of the Yacht Club, and she grew up spending her summers there and always knew that she wanted to have her wedding there. We can see why, with its stunning location on the water with views of the Boston skyline in the distance. Heather & Tom live in Hoboken, so we actually met with her Mom to check out the Club a few weeks before the wedding. The day we met her, it was pouring rain and unbelievably windy, so we were all hoping for the best for the big┬áday! Luckily, the wedding day was perfectly calm and overcast, and we were able to make use of all the cool spots around the Club for photos. Heather and Tom didn’t hesitate to climb out onto the jetty, and we got the whole bridal party out onto the docks! After photos, Heather & Tom had their first dance inside the Club, followed by dinner and dancing in tents out on the deck. Everyone had a blast dancing into the night, and we were so happy everything turned out so beautifully, especially since Heather & Tom and their families took on a lot of the details and planning themselves. It was our last wedding of the season, and we couldn’t have ended it on a better note, with nicer people. We wish Heather & Tom a lifetime of happiness!

Thanks and congrats to Heather & Tom!

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