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Julie & Tim at the Warren Conference Center

Julie & Tim were married at the end of August at the Warren Conference Center in Ashland, MA. It was a gorgeous day for the outdoor ceremony on the grounds, with the sun filtering through the trees. Julie picked bright yellow dresses for her girls, and big colorful bouquets that complimented them beautifully. Julie herself had a stunning and unique dress and a headpiece that was her Grandmother’s, and she looked just amazing. Tim and the guys wore grey suits with yellow ties, and everything came together perfectly. We used the many locations on the grounds for photos after the ceremony, before heading in to the reception. It was a great party, which included a special touch. Julie’s family is from Pennsylvania (as are we), so Julie did a “Dollar Dance” to the Pennsylvania Polka with her family and friends. Each guest gives a dollar or two to dance with the bride for a minute before she moves on to dance with the next person. It’s a tradition we’re very familiar with, being from PA ourselves, but it’s the first time we’ve ever seen it done at a wedding here in MA! It was a great party, check it out!

Much thanks and congrats to Julie & Tim!

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