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Meg & Ed at the Boston Marriott Long Wharf

Meg & Ed were married on a perfect day in May at the Boston Marriott Long Wharf. When you get married in downtown Boston, you pretty much get to be rock stars for the day. All eyes are on you, everyone cheers for you, lots of high fives…and Meg & Ed are just so much fun, and always laughing, so it suited them just perfectly. There were so many amazing parts of this day, it was truly difficult to even narrow it down to a blog post. The day began with the girls getting ready at the Marriott, while the guys were at Meg & Ed’s apartment in Fort Point. As we all know, guys get ready pretty quickly, so they had lots of time to hang out on their roof deck, before heading into a bar downtown for a quick celebratory shot while waiting for their water taxi. That’s right, the guys took a water taxi from Fort Point over to the Marriott, because why not? So awesome. Once everyone was ready, we headed to Faneuil Hall for the First Look. Meg & Ed wanted to do it right in front of Urban Outfitters, because that’s where he told her he loved her for the first time. Afterwards, the bridal party joined us and we had a blast doing photos with crowds of people looking on. We even got one of those crowds to take a photo with the bride and groom. They were European tourists, they didn’t speak English very well, and I’m not sure they knew exactly what we were asking them… but they played along and cheered and it was awesome. We stopped at the waterfront and hopped on the carousel before heading over to the North End for the ceremony in a big, beautiful old church. After Meg & Ed were all married up, we stopped just outside the church for a few photos in the tiny streets. When you get married in the North End, someone might just come out of one of the many restaurants and hand you champagne, and that’s exactly what happened. Told you, rock stars. Finally, it was back to the Marriott with cocktail hour on the balcony overlooking the harbor and then party, party, party. We really loved hanging with these guys for the day, so much fun and so much pretty.

Much thanks and congrats to Meg & Ed!

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  • Mary-Jane Seara - July 11, 2015 - 7:38 pm

    Enjoyed your wedding pictures! You make a beautiful couple! Everything was so well thought out & executed! Your gown was exquisite, & especially classy having your shoulders & arms covered by that lace wrap in church! Your attendants dresses were so unique all being different but yet the same color & all of your flowers were just the right shade including the centerpieces and your table name frames had such special meaning! I’ll wager that not many male attendants were show cased in such a manner as they were at your wedding! Very rarely have I ever seen such a happy couple who really enjoyed their wedding! May you have a wonderful married life as you begin your journey of growing old together!ReplyCancel

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