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Taryn & Luis at Groveland Fairways

We met with Taryn & Luis the morning of their wedding, as the girls got ready at Taryn’s parents’ home and the guys got ready at a nearby hotel. We planned to head over to their reception site, Groveland Fairways, to do the First Look and bridal party photos before the ceremony. Just like almost all of the weddings we had in October, the weather that day was fickle, and it absolutely POURED in the limo on the way over. Luckily, after giving the rain a few minutes to pass, everything turned out beautifully and we were able to use up all the time we had on the grounds. Taryn & Luis had an adorable First Look, and the bridal party was tons of fun, and full of people we’ve seen all year at other weddings. That always makes for a good time! Afterwards, we headed down the street to St. Ann’s church for the ceremony. Taryn & Luis laughed throughout, and their priest was really entertaining, keeping things lighthearted and fun. At the reception, Luis and his mom had one of the best mother/son dances we’ve ever seen, with everyone was cheering them on. After some really funny speeches, that included balloons as props and a petition to get Luis to join Facebook, everyone hit the dance floor. With a mix of 90s classics and salsa music, the dance floor was full all night. These guys sang and danced and killed it all night. It was so much fun, and there is nothing better than a wedding where you can tell that everyone in the room is having a blast. We’re so glad we got to be there!

Thanks and Congrats to Taryn & Luis!

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