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Yvonne & Marc at Artists for Humanity EpiCenter

Yvonne & Marc were married on a chilly Saturday at the end of November at St. Ignatius church on the Boston College campus. They were both getting ready for the big day at separate hotels on the waterfront in South Boston, so that’s where we began our day with them. They had a big bridal party, so both of their rooms were filled with friends and laughter as they got dressed, with beautiful city views right outside the window. We headed out to Chestnut Hill for the ceremony, and then made our way right back into the city for photos. Yvonne & Marc had chosen the Common as a location, and it worked out perfectly. The fall colors were still so pretty, and that perfect late afternoon light was hitting just as we got there. It looked gorgeous, but it was pretty freezing, and absolutely no one complained. Yvonne & Marc are just two really sweet people, and I think their bridal party would have done anything for them! Yvonne and the girls had pretty shawls to help combat the cold, and their navy blue dresses contrasted perfectly with the bright fall colors. After finishing up in the Common, we headed back to Southie to Artists for Humanity, such an amazing and unique venue. The place looked amazing, with design and floral by Whim Events. It was decked out with lights strung overhead, tons of hydrangeas and gorgeous table settings, not the mention the art on the walls that serves as decor on it’s own. Everyone had a fantastic time, and we were lucky to get to meet and work with such a wonderful group of people.

Thanks and Congrats to Yvonne & Marc!

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