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Best of 2015: Weddings

After posting the best of engagement sessions last week, we’re back with a collection of some of our favorites from our 2015 weddings! Choosing was not an easy task, considering all the beautiful weddings we were lucky enough to be a part of this past year. It seems like perfect timing too, since we are beginning our 2016 season tomorrow! Last year, we got to spend our weekends everywhere from the beach to mansions to old estates to the heart of the city, tagging along with people on one of the most important days of their lives. Pretty awesome, right? We love getting to know these couples and their families, and are constantly amazed that we get to be a part of such beautiful, personal moments. From the beginning of the day that’s filled with excitement and mimosas, to the first moment the groom sees his bride, to more crazy dance moves than we can count, we get to be there for it all. Our days are filled with laughter, happy tears, and so much joy, and we could not be more grateful. Thanks so much for inviting us into your lives. Cheers to 2015!

B_Details_ND-1 A_Prep_BM-4 B_Details_ME-1 A_Prep_MJ-4 B_Details_BM-1 A_Prep_NJ-2 B_Details_BR-1 A_Prep_HD-2 B_Details_RJ-1 A_Prep_NJ-5 B_Details_AS-1 A_Prep_ND-2 B_Details_CN-2 A_Prep_HC-5 B-Details_MaJ-2 A_Prep_BM-2 B_Details_NJ-1 B_Details_HC-1 A_Prep_ME-5 B_Details_HT-1 A_Prep_AS-2 B_Details_ND-2 A_Prep_ND-6 A_Prep_HD-4 B_Details_RJ-2 A_Prep_AP-2 A_Prep_BM-1 B_Details_CN-4 A_Prep_BM-3 B_Details_ND-3 A_Prep_BR-1 A_Prep_ND-4 A_Prep_ME-3 A_Prep_CN-2 A_Prep_EA-4 A_Prep_HC-6 B_Details_AS-2 A_Prep_EA-5 B_Details_BM-2 A_Prep_HC-3 B_Details_RJ-3 A_Prep_HC-4 A_Prep_EZ-1 B_Details_HT-2 A_Prep_HC-8 A_Prep_HD-6 A_Prep_RJ-2 A_Prep_ME-6 B_Details_AB-1 A_Prep_MJ-3 B_Details_EZ-3 A_Prep_WP-3 B_Details_HT-3 C_First_AB-2 C_First_AB-3 C_First_AP-1 C_First_HC-1 C_First_BM-1 C_First_CN-2 C_First_BR-1 C_First_EA-1 C_First_HD-3 C_First_MaJ-3 C_First_ME-1 C_First_WP-1 C_First_EB-2 D_Cer_EA-1 D_Cer_ND-1 D_Cer_CN-1 D_Cer_BM-2 D_Cer_MaJ-1 D_Cer_EB-1 D_Cer_M&J-1 D_Cer_HT-2 D_Cer_RJ-2 D_Cer_MaJ-2 D_Cer_RJ-1 D_Cer_NJ-1 D_Cer_CN-2 D_Cer_EA-2 D_Cer_BM-4 D_Cer_MaJ-3 D_Cer_CN-3 D_Cer_AP-5 D_Cer_MaJ-5 D_Cer_EB-2 D_Cer_HD-4 D_Cer_HT-7 D_Cer_MaJ-4 D_Cer_MJ-1 D_Cer_NJ-2 D_Cer_MaJ-6 D_Cer_M&J-2 D_Cer_EB-5 D_Cer_ND-5 D_Cer_NJ-6 D_Cer_AP-6 D_Cer_RJ-3 E_Port_BM-1 E_Port_CN-4 E_Port_AB-4 E_Port_AS-4 E_Port_AP-8 E_Port_EB-15 E_Port_AB-6 E_Port_BM-4 E_Port_EZ-1 E_Port_HC-4 E_Port_MJ-4 E_Port_AP-1 E_Port_AS-3 E_Port_CN-10 E_Port_ME-6 E_Port_AS-5 E_Port_BM-2 E_Port_EB-8 E_Port_AB-7 E_Port_HD-10 E_Port_BM-8 E_Port_BR-6 E_Port_CN-6 E_Port_HD-1 E_Port_CN-15 E_Port_AP-10 E_Port_HT-15 E_Port_MJ-1 E_Port_HD-14 E_Port_BR-3 E_Port_EA-2 E_Port_EB-1 E_Port_M&J-5 E_Port_HC-7 E_Port_EZ-3 E_Port_EB-18 E_Port_HC-5 E_Port_HD-11 E_Port_RJ-3 E_Port_HC-8 E_Port_HD-5 E_Port_EB-17 E_Port_ND-5 E_Port_EA-6 E_Port_ME-12 E_Port_HD-16 E_Port_HT-3 E_Port_M&J-8 E_Port_ND-12 E_Port_HT-5 E_Port_BM-10 E_Port_ND-15 E_Port_MaJ-7 E_Port_ND-4 E_Port_EB-3 E_Port_HT-14 E_Port_NJ-2 E_Port_MJ-3 E_Port_KJ-2 E_Port_RJ-9 E_Port_HT-12 E_Port_ME-13 E_Port_WP-7 E_Port_MJ-11 E_Port_ND-11 E_Port_WP-8 E_Port_KJ-3 E_Port_NJ-6 E_Port_ND-20 E_Port_MaJ-9 E_Port_M&J-1 E_Port_NJ-5 E_Port_WP-4 E_Port_KJ-7 E_Port_RJ-1 E_Port_ND-16 E_Port_ME-14 E_Port_NJ-11 E_Port_BM-6 E_Port_M&J-3 E_Port_WP-2 E_Port_NJ-10 E_Port_MaJ-4 E_Port_M&J-10 E_Port_RJ-2 E_Port_MJ-6 E_Port_KJ-1 E_Port_ME-8 E_Port_MaJ-12 E_Port_ND-2 E_Port_WP-10 E_Port_ND-18 E_Port_KJ-6 E_Port_NJ-1 E_Port_ME-2 E_Port_RJ-4 E_Port_WP-11 E_Port_ME-5 E_Port_HD-12 F_Recep_MJ-3 F_Recep_AP-3 F_Recep_EZ-1 F_Recep_MJ-1 F_Recep_EB-6 F_Recep_ND-2 F_Recep_HD-1 F_Recep_ND-3 F_Recep_HD-2 F_Recep_AP-9 F_Recep_ND-5 F_Recep_EZ-2 F_Recep_NJ-1 F_Recep_ND-4 F_Recep_ME-3 F_Recep_M&J-3 F_Recep_HD-4 F_Recep_HT-5 F_Recep_AB-2 F_Recep_MJ-4 F_Recep_ND-7 F_Recep_HT-2 F_Recep_ND-9 F_Recep_CN-2 F_Recep_AB-4 F_Recep_MaJ-6 F_Recep_BR-7 F_Recep_HD-7 F_Recep_AS-1 F_Recep_RJ-4 F_Recep_EZ-3 F_Recep_BR-8 F_Recep_HC-4 F_Recep_HT-6 F_Recep_KJ-4 F_Recep_M&J-5 F_Recep_ND-13 F_Recep_RJ-3 F_Recep_WP-1 F_Recep_M&J-4 F_Recep_BM-5

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