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Bridget & Mitch on the Seaport Elite

Bridget & Mitch were married aboard the Seaport Elite at the end of September, on one of the most beautiful days this fall, and there also happened to be a Super Moon that night. You really could not get luckier with a better day for a wedding on a boat! Bridget started the day getting ready at their gorgeous apartment with stunning city views, while Mitch was at the W hotel. Once everyone was ready, we all headed over to the Public Garden for the First Look and photos with the family and bridal party. Bridget & Mitch have roots all over, from California to Colorado to Maine, so lots of people traveled very far to be with them on their big day. Their families were super friendly and so happy to spend a beautiful weekend in Boston celebrating with the happy couple. After the Public Garden, we also stopped at the Greenway for some photos under Janet Echelman’s amazing aerial sculpture, which is a favorite of Bridget & Mitch’s. By then it was time to board the Seaport Elite, where guests were greeted with champagne, before heading to the top deck to set sail for the ceremony. We made our way out into the harbor, and anchored right in front of the skyline just as the sun was starting to fall back behind the buildings. Bridget walked down the aisle to a violin, while Mitch waited for her under a chuppah held by friends and family. Bridget’s cousin officiated, and the ceremony couldn’t have been more stunning with Boston shining in the background. During cocktail hour, the boat set sail again and guests mingled on the different decks of the boat, where they were treated to an amazing sunset with city views. Dinner was studded with various toasts from friends and family, while the Super Moon was coming up outside the windows. Between the perfect weather, the epic sunset and the huge moon sparkling on the water, we were pretty amazed at how lucky these two got! You never know what’s in store when you plan a boat wedding in Boston in September, but this really could not have been more perfect. We were thrilled to be part of this beautiful day, and we wish Bridget & Mitch tons of happiness!

Thanks and congrats guys!

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