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Chaitra & Will at the York Historical Society

Chaitra & Will had a gorgeous and perfectly Maine wedding at the York Historical Society in early October. We started the day with them at the beautiful ocean front home they rented for the weekend, where both sides of the bridal party got ready. The bride and the girls were upstairs, while the groom and the guys were downstairs, and it was awesome having everyone in the same place. We were able to do their First Look right on the property, before heading out for photos at the Wiggly Bridge (so cool) and Nubble Lighthouse. It was pretty rainy and foggy, but luckily the rain held to a light mist until we were finished. Chaitra & Will and their whole bridal took it all in stride, sticking it out and getting pretty damp to make sure we got great photos. Chaitra was especially impressive, climbing up and down slippery hills and rocks, all in her Kate Spade heels. I asked her at one point if she needed a hand, and she said simply, “I’m fine, I’m from Maine.” Enough said. Afterwards, we headed back to the York Historical Society for the ceremony on Hancock Wharf. The ceremony was held outdoors, despite the rain, since Chaitra & Will managed to wrangle up a tent the day before. It was personal and heartfelt, and I’m pretty sure no one noticed the rain. After that, it was back up the hill to the main building for the reception, which actually felt so warm and cozy with fireplaces and candles lit in the old historic building. It was a casual dinner with seating in a few different rooms, including the old tavern, and a tent set up for the dance floor. Even though it rained, we truly couldn’t imagine a more perfect wedding. Chaitra & Will are such a great couple, and it had all the Maine charm you could ask for. Thanks for letting us be a part of it.

Thanks and Congrats to Chaitra & Will!

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  • Kim Walker-Lewis - February 9, 2015 - 7:12 pm

    What a beautiful couple with amazing photos of your special day! Wonderful memories 🙂ReplyCancel

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