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Heather & Chris at the Red Lion Inn

Heather & Chris were married in mid-March at the Red Lion Inn in Cohasset. It was one of those days where we knew it was just going to rain all day, no chance of parting clouds, just a big, green mass on the weather map. We had a plan in place, and were so happy when we showed up to the Cohasset Harbor Inn to find everyone in good spirits and up for anything despite the cold, wet weather outside. Their great attitude was especially impressive considering Heather & Chris actually live in San Francisco, so weren’t really used to the brutal weather we’d been having. Heather looked absolutely stunning in a delicate lace gown and her grandmother’s fur shrug, and her bridesmaids all chose different black lace dresses, which complimented each other perfectly. Once everyone was ready, we headed over to Cohasset Harbor for the First Look and bridal party photos. Once Chris saw Heather, I don’t think either one of them was thinking about the rain! After a few more photos at the Red Lion, the ceremony was held in the barn. Heather & Chris were married by a friend, and wrote their vows themselves, which had everyone both laughing and crying. Their reception had all the ingredients to make a great party, including music from the band Night Shift and great friends to keep the dance floor packed all night. It was also the weekend before St. Patrick’s Day, so halfway through the night, the green sunglasses, boas and hats came out, and all bets were off! We had a great time with everyone, and really loved being a part of this day. It was the perfect example of how much the weather on your wedding day really doesn’t matter. The love, happiness and laughter is all that counts.

Much thanks and congrats to Heather & Chris!

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  • Kim Quinn - April 11, 2015 - 1:32 pm

    These are outstanding photographs. We are fortunate for your vision on a rainy day and of the love we all share. It is wonderful how you have captured so much emotion. Thank you for this documentation of such an important day of our lives.ReplyCancel

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