Jessica & Steve at Panopticon Gallery and Eastern Standard

When I first met with Jessica & Steve, I immediately knew we wanted to shoot their wedding. Jessica is a musician who moved to Boston from Michigan, and Steve soon followed. Jessica attended Boston University, and Steve is the Executive Sous Chef at Eastern Standard (probably the restaurant we most frequent in Boston…the food is amazing). A musician and a chef? Count us in. Plus, they were having their reception at Panopticon Gallery, which is in the Hotel Commonwealth and attached to Eastern Standard. Besides the fact that having your reception in an art gallery is just awesome, Steve wanted his restaurant to cater the event, because you could tell he didn’t trust anyone else to do it, and he wanted what he wanted. We like that 🙂 On a personal note, it was pretty amazing for us to shoot a wedding in Kenmore Square, the neighborhood where we went to school, and consider a second home. Many of our friends have work hanging in both Panopticon and the Hawthorne, where we were also able to shoot before the ceremony, so we were super excited to use those spaces. We also ducked into Nuggets record store as a nod the fact that Jessica is a musician.

So, with both Jessica & Steve being from Michigan, and their families flew in to be a part of the big day. They were all so nice and welcoming, and it was great to see Jess and Steve get to throw their big celebration here in Boston. (Although, the wedding just happened to coincide with the Bruins vs. Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup series. Most of the family were Blackhawks fans, luckily there was a TV on hand 😉 We had a gorgeous afternoon for photos, followed by the ceremony in Marsh Chapel on BU’s campus, drinks at the Hawthorne, then dinner and dancing in the Gallery. This wedding was all about music, food, family and love. Just the way it should be.

Congrats again to Jessica & Steve!

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