Meg & Ed: Engagement in Fort Point

We met Meg & Ed at the ICA on the waterfront on a recent Friday afternoon. Right from the beginning, we could tell this was gonna be an easy one. As soon as we started, Meg & Ed were super comfortable, and just laughed together the whole afternoon. That always makes for a great shoot. In addition to that, we ended up with some pretty unique and awesome weather, which brought great light with it. It was a nice day, but the threat of rain was all around us. You could see dark clouds forming out over the water and behind us over the city, but it only ended up adding to the photos in the end. As soon as we finished, it started raining, so it was perfect timing! Also, Meg & Ed brought a special prop with them for a few photos. As the story goes, they had a running joke about a store called Country Curtains. When they started dating, Ed told Meg that if she ever bought him something from there, that would be a deal breaker. So, of course, she bought him a gift from there for their first Christmas together. It is a little dog statue, and since they managed to stay together despite the Country Curtains gift, it only seemed right to bring him to their engagement shoot  🙂

Thanks and Congrats to Meg & Ed. So excited for the wedding next year!


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