Melissa & John at the Lynn Museum & Historical Society

Melissa & John were married at the Lynn Museum & Historical Society on a chilly Saturday in May. We were so excited about this one, because Melissa had planned a lot of time for photos before the ceremony, and a bunch of different locations that were all in close proximity. We started the day as they both got ready, Melissa at the Hawthorne Hotel in Salem, and John at their condo just a few blocks away. They had a small bridal party, so while Melissa got ready with her bridesmaids and some other friends, John got ready with his daughter. It was so, so adorable, and these are easily some of our favorite groom getting ready photos ever. We love kids, but they’re not always the most cooperative members of a wedding party. But John’s daughter was the most polite, well behaved, sweetest little girl, and it was a pleasure to have her around all day. Not to mention adorable, with her gold Chucks and Hello Kitty fedora! Once they were all ready, she came over to see Melissa at the hotel, and John waited in Salem Common for their First Look. And what a great First Look it was! Once these two saw each other, everything was perfect, and they were so easy and natural in front of the camera together. After a few photos there, we moved on to our next stop, Red Rock park in Lynn. It’s right on the water, and you can get out onto some jutting rocks when the tide is out. The tide was in a little further than we expected, but Melissa & John were up for it anyway, and they got super close to the water. They looked amazing though, so it was well worth it! After that, we moved on to our final destination, the Lynn Museum. Melissa & John and their families are both from the Lynn area, so they wanted to get the urban feel of the neighborhood in some of their photos. We loved it, and were able to use a bunch of different spots all within a block of each other. We could have kept going all day, but it was finally time for the ceremony to begin! Melissa & John were married by a friend in the garden behind the museum, with the elevated T stop and a huge graffiti wall peeking through the trees. After the I Dos, everyone moved inside for cocktails, dinner and dancing. The museum was such a cool space for a reception, with rotating art on the walls, in addition to old Lynn postcards, signage and historical photos. It was a beautiful day from beginning to end, and we’re so glad we got to be a part of it! We wish the newlyweds all the best!

Much thanks and congrats to Melissa & John!


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