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Michelle & AJ: Engagement in the North End

Michelle & AJ chose their neighborhood, the North End, for their engagement session in October. We always love shooting there, with it’s tiny streets and classic red brick, it has so much character and great options for photos. We started near the Paul Revere statue, stopped at Modern Pastry, North Square, and made it up to the highest point in the North End for a great view of the skyline and Zakim Bridge. Afterwards, we took a walk down the Greenway to Christopher Columbus park, where Michelle & AJ did a quick change for some photos by the waterfront. Michelle had a gorgeous tulle dress, and you wouldn’t know it from the photos, but it was absolutely freezing on the harbor that day! She really toughed it out without a complaint, and it was well worth putting up with the cold temperatures to get some photos in that fun dress! Hopefully their wedding next fall will be a few degrees warmer!

Thanks and congrats to Michelle & AJ!

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