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Pam & David at the Hellenic Center

Pam & David were married in mid-October at the Hellenic Center in Ipswich. Both the bride and groom got ready on site, and when we arrived we were met with a pretty steady rain. (Apparently October was a rainy month!) We were all crossing our fingers that it would stop in time for the outdoor ceremony, and that’s exactly what it did. The Hellenic Center did a great job of making sure everything was dry in time for Pam to walk down the aisle, and the sun even came out bringing glowy light streaming through the trees while Pam & David said their vows. They had strung birdcages and a chandelier from the branches of the huge tree they got married under, and it made for a gorgeous backdrop. Afterwards, we used all the sunlight we had left for photos, and finished up with Pam & David at sunset under the lit chandelier. At the reception, the Lucky 13 kept the party going and the dance floor full. We love a live band! They ended the night with a sparkler exit, which is always so much fun!  It was a beautiful day and a great party!

Thanks and Congrats to Pam & David!

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